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Who we are, what we do, why we do it

Going all the way back to the beginning, we always found the images captured by a camera to be an incredible gift of technology.  Capturing a moment, preserving it forever.  After years of photographing everything in our path, we began to expand our interest, and crossed the boundary into film.  Immediately, we realized that the power of photography, was amplified almost to infinity within the power of film. 


24 images every second. Motion.  Emotion.  Sound that connects a viewer to not only what is happening in the image, but beyond the image, into someone's thoughts and ideas.  The ability to compress time, to expand time.  To deliver a lifetime of stories and emotions in seconds.. To tap into, and stroke the emotions and the soul within every message. 


Film-  simply put, is our emotional outlet, and we live to help you tell your stories to the world.





When deciding who to hire to create a film for you or your business, there are really two factors-


1. Quality of Work

2. Quality of the Experience in working with us

For the first, we could go on and on about our work, but what it really comes down to is simply viewing our films, and judging for yourself.

As passionate film makers, and a small business ourselves, we take enormous pride in what we do.  When working with us, you will never feel like you are the one that needs to make things happen.  We give you our full attention and guide you through the process with expert advice.


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